009 Outlining Changes For 2016 Using Workflowy

December 7, 2015
It’s all about getting organized in the year ahead and the way I plan to do this is using Workflowy.com to help me keep tabs on my thoughts and ideas.

In this episode I am using this tool to keep me focused but there are so many more practical ways you can use it.
The best feature of this tool as I see it is in its ability to be cross platform compatible so no matter where the idea strikes you the app is ready to serve your burst of thoughts. The app is available in iTunes and Google Play for free download. 

Then you are ready to jump on your Mac or PC you simply go to workflowy.com and login, again all free. They do have a paid option but most of what I use it for can be done under a free account.  

I think I will be using this app long term as its usefulness leads me to better organization. Simply said it works!

So there are many thoughts and suggestions you will want to hear in this episode as I lay out what is in my plans for 2016 and offer up my non-traditional thoughts on budgeting and forecasting, it’s almost a rant you could agree to. 

Resources Mentioned

Workflowy.com – Free online outlining website that allows you document your thoughts

Bill Keeper  – iPhone app to keep you aware of what bills are due and when. At a glance and automatic messages to keep you up to date.

Everydollar.com – Website designed to help you gain control of your budget to manage your money. Promoted by Dave Ramsey.

Article Mentioned

Stoicism 101: A Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs  - A brief description and overview of stoic philosophy by Tim Ferriss.


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