006 Refocusing My Change Up

November 13, 2015

In my first review of this podcast it made me think I was just being a whiny butt. Yet mysteriously my perspective ends up delivering an unexpected value.

I start out asking you to reflect on your life in this episode and to think about what matters. I then sympathize with you in your journey as I travel on mine.

As I discuss, in part, where my journey is leading me next I have to remain bit silent with exact details simply because I have not been given permission to publish them yet.

However, I will tell you that it involves me discussing the current job market details of my local area in comparison with those of other metropolitan areas to briefly demonstrate how they may be different.

I also call you to reason with me upon building a community of dialogue where we can encourage and share lessons learned about our paths that help lead us to the next level.

You will also want to listen up when I start talking about relationships as I can tell you from experience you really don’t want to miss the majority of those special times that don’t ever come back around.

I go long in this episode but I am pretty sure you will relate to what is being said especially as I share with you authentically.



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